Mildew Mania is a citizen science research project which involves schools in investigating the spread of powdery mildew disease across WA. Since its launch in 2011, this on-going state-wide experiment has engaged over 15,000 students!

Mildew Mania gathers powdery mildew samples on barley and wheat grown by schools across WA in order to investigate this disease. With information gained from the distribution and genetics of these samples, researchers at Curtin University’s Centre for Crop and Disease Management (CCDM) aim to give plant breeders and growers the tools they require to control this disease.

In WA, powdery mildew causes the most economic impact on barley; up to $100 million dollars annually through chemical control and lost yield. During the late 1900’s – early 2000’s we had seen limited wheat powdery mildew in WA however a rainy 2015 has resulted in greater widespread damage from powdery mildew on our wheat crops.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity for WA students to conduct meaningful science research that will have a real impact on WA!

Students of all ages can be inspired through this hands-on project that supports the Australian Curriculum (Science) at all year levels.

Registrations for Mildew Mania 2017 have now closed but never fear, registrations for 2018 will open soon.