Have you got mildew?

Have you caught mildew? It appears that Peter Moyes Anglican Community School does!

Far away, you cantĀ  tell but up close it is very obvious the Baudin the infected by the Powder Mildew!

Peter Moyes ASC infected Baudin

Once the infection was notice the school quickly noted it’s appearance on the record sheet and continue to grow all of the plants – just in case they infected the other varieties and good thing they did! After 5 weeks of growing all varieties of barley and wheat, it was found that only their Baudin was susceptible to the local strains of powdery mildew.

Finally, the students swapped and took leaf samples of the infection for the scientists at Curtin University. Since then, the samples arrivedĀ the mildew was tested a range of different barley varieties to determine which genes were resistant to that local strain.

Great work to all the schools watched their plants carefully!


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