2017 Result are now available (16/11/17):

Mildew Mania Results 2017 Contains link to maps, discussion with the scientists and ideas for classroom discussion.

2017 Mildew Mania Laboratory Results Contains the laboratory results of the samples that were viable for testing

MM Data from schools_2017 Contains the school’s data as provided by the record sheet and a summary

Due to the limited number of viable samples that could be tested we have left the 2016 data available for analysis too. Please note the project tested a few different varieties of barley, no wheat, and included a pre-treated sample with fungicide.


2016 Mildew Mania Results:

The experimental results are here, we also have the data sent in from schools to share, as well as maps showing the distribution of infected barley and the demographics of participants. These can all be downloaded below.


Overview of results 2016 (pdf)

2016 Laboratory analysis for Primary Schools (Excel)

2016Laboratory analysis for Secondary Schools (Excel)

2016Data sent in by schools (Excel)