Jerracuttup investigates the big and the small to unravel the mildew story
Jerracuttup collage

The students at Jerracuttup are no strangers to crop diseases and broad acre farming as most of them live on farms themselves. They’ve have been using multiple techniques to investigate the ins and outs of barley powdery mildew pathology. They’ve used cool digital microscopes to view the pustules up close to classify the disease and confirm that it is in fact mildew. On top of that they’ve looked at the interaction between mildew infection and various environmental factors such as wind direction, orientation of the plants to the sun, and growth rates of barley to various fertiliser applications.

Runs as quick as a Bolt! Check out the Dry’s Mildew Mania setup where their plants went from green and vibrant to covered in mildew within 2 weeks

Ann Dry infected untreated Baudin 21-08-2016

Canning Vale Homeschool spies mildew lurking in their barley. Samples captured, sampled, sent, and now being processed at Curtin University. Picture1

Mildew Mania has real life impacts on the agricultural industry, Nola impresses scientist and agronomists from all over Australia with extraordinary efforts of WA students

Mildew Mania welcomes our newest Mildew Maniac!

Please give a warm welcome to King Yin who has recently joined the Science outreach team at Curtin University. She will be working behind the scene to coordinate Mildew Mania and other activities for the Centre for Crop and Disease Management. She’d love for you to send in your photos of Mildew Mania (and Maniacs) in action and get a taste of what she has gotten herself into!

A Duncraig primary school has had a little help looking after their barley plants….







Parkwood Primary School

"Look we found it!"
“Look we found it!”

Our Year 6/7 students at Parkwood Primary School tended to our barley plants with great enthusiasm this term. They learned how important it is to accurately record their results and a huge challenge for them was being able to get close up photos that were in focus. Across all of our classes we did have quite a few plants with the Mildew (well we think we have!) and have sent them in for testing.

Our plants were placed on a bench in our veggie garden.
Our plants were placed on a bench in our veggie garden.
Students closely examined their plants…with cries of “What should it look like!”