A Duncraig primary school has had a little help looking after their barley plants….







Parkwood Primary School

"Look we found it!"
“Look we found it!”

Our Year 6/7 students at Parkwood Primary School tended to our barley plants with great enthusiasm this term. They learned how important it is to accurately record their results and a huge challenge for them was being able to get close up photos that were in focus. Across all of our classes we did have quite a few plants with the Mildew (well we think we have!) and have sent them in for testing.

Our plants were placed on a bench in our veggie garden.
Our plants were placed on a bench in our veggie garden.
Students closely examined their plants…with cries of “What should it look like!”

No Mildew Here

Geraldton has been blessed with some unseasonably warm and sunny weather this winter. Obviously not so good for powdery mildew. Barley is growing well with no signs of disease.

Science Outreach

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